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ModernFan Shop
Welcome to ModernFan Shop, the authorized digital marketplace for all things Todd Snider. Established in the golden era of e-commerce, ModernFan Shop leverages years of experience to offer artists like Todd an all-in-one online retail solution.

What We Offer:
Curated Music Catalog: Our online music depot champions excellent artists across genres. This curation doesn't just serve fans looking for quality music; it also amplifies the artists' reach by featuring their work alongside other top-tier talents.

Tailored Store Design and Robust Hosting: Each online store we host is custom-designed to mirror the artist's primary website. Our state-of-the-art servers ensure rapid load times and a virtually uninterrupted service, offering a secure, 24/7 shopping experience. Payment methods supported include all major credit cards and popular digital wallets.

In-House Fulfillment: Unlike outsourced models, we manage all orders internally. Most are processed and shipped within a single business day, complete with tracking and insurance. Domestic shipping is conducted via a well-known courier service, offering fast and reliable delivery options. International shipping is also provided.

Customer Support: Email and phone support are available for all stores, ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Promotional Opportunities: Artists have the option to employ digital coupons and promotional codes to attract more visitors to their online store.

Community Engagement: Our customer database includes those who have opted to receive information about other exciting artists and ModernFan Shop updates, providing cross-selling opportunities.

Data Security: All customer information collected is considered the property of the artist and is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Sales Reporting: We are an accredited store for a major music sales tracking service, reporting weekly music and video sales data that contribute to national music charts.

Merchandise Development: For artists looking to diversify their merchandise, we offer design and production assistance, ensuring top-notch, affordable products.

Headquartered in the iconic city of Nashville, ModernFan Shop specializes in serving the music entertainment industry, offering bespoke e-commerce solutions tailored to each artist's unique needs.

To find out how ModernFan Shop can be your go-to solution for online retail, contact our corporate office at 800-986-1714.