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Crank It, We're Doomed Yellow Vinyl 2LP

Crank It, We're Doomed Yellow Vinyl 2LP

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Opaque Yellow, 140 gram 2LP

Release Date: November 10, 2023

1. From A Dying Rose
2. Juice
3. Handleman’s Revenge
4. Don’t Tempt Me (featuring Loretta Lynn)
5. The War on Terror
6. America’s Favorite Pastime*
7. Doll Face*
8. But Seriously Folks
9. West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown*
10. Mercer’s Folly
11. What Made You Do It
12. The Last Laugh*
13. Mission Accomplished (Because You Gotta Have Faith)
14. Slim Chance Is Still A Chance*
15. Good Fortune (featuring Kris Kristofferson)*
*Doomed Version

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