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[Free Download] Step Right Up (Purple Version)

[Free Download] Step Right Up (Purple Version)

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Enjoy this free download of Todd Snider's "Step Right Up (Purple Version)." The album arrives as part of Todd's All My Songs Album Collection, featuring re-recorded classics with insightful commentary, yours to enjoy for free.

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Track List:

  1. Elmo and Henry (Purple Version)
  2. [Story Behind Step Right Up] (Purple Version)
  3. I Believe You (Purple Version)
  4. Sideshow Blues (Purple Version)
  5. Enough (Purple Version)
  6. TV Guide (Purple Version)
  7. Hey Hey (Purple Version)
  8. [Story Behind The Wrecks and Moondawg's Tavern] (Purple Version)
  9. Moondawg's Tavern (Purple Version)
  10. Prison Walls (Purple Version)
  11. Horseshoe Lake (Purple Version)
  12. It All Adds Up (Purple Version)
  13. Tension (Purple Version)
  14. Late Last Night (Purple Version)
  15. 24 Hours a Day (Purple Version)
  16. Better Than Ever Blues, Part 2 (Purple Version)
Recorded at: The Purple Building in East Nashville on October 18th, 2020
Attended by: Mark McClendon and Michael Wilker
Recorded by: Colin Cargile, Joel Roderick and Brian Kincaid
Mixed by: Todd Divel
Mastered by: Bruce Templeton at Microphonic Mastering
Produced by: Colin Cargile, Joel Roderick, Brian Kincaid and Todd Snider
Layout by: Jon Griffin
© Aimless Records ✌️
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